Dear Friends,

I am so happy thinking about this cruise to New Zealand where we will get to experience, together, the incredible, pristine beauty of New Zealand’s South Island fjords, stopping in four charming ports. We will be experiencing one of the most spectacular places on this earth! And we will also see the port of Hobart, Tasmania.

I think that traveling on these spectacular ships is the VERY BEST way to see this planet for SO MANY reasons: The ships are glorious, we unpack just once, we wake up over and over in another wonderful place. AND we get to play with each other, AND experience the clarity and love of Abraham as we have lots of hours together in the ship’s theater.

The convergence of so much planetary beauty, so much tender care from the crew on the ship, so much attention to our well-being from the amazing ship captain and his crew of excellence, so many rendezvous with each other, and co-creating at its best with Abraham—will re-set our points of attraction, for sure!

Take a look at the itinerary and the many choices of cabins by clicking here!

I am in love with life,
and with you,

(and Abraham and Jerry)

P.S. If you are interested in other Abraham-Hicks Cruises in 2020, we still have some cabins available. Click here for details: