The Law of Attraction

Forward by Neale Donald Walsch

In preparation for the October 18, 2006 national launch date of The Law of Attraction, (our favorite book so far), we sent a copy of the manuscript to our friend, Neale Donald Walsch, one of the most delightful people we have ever met, and the following is his loving response!

This is it. Here they are. You don’t have to go any further.

Put all the other books down, un-enroll from all the workshops and seminars, tell your life coach you won’t need to be calling anymore.

Because this is it: everything you need to know about Life and how to make it work. Here they are: all the rules of the road for this extraordinary journey. All the tools with which to create the experiences you’ve always wanted. You don’t have to go any further than where you are right now.

You don’t have to go any further than where you are right now.

Indeed, look at what you’ve done already. Just look.

I mean, right now, look at what you’re holding in your hands.

You did that. You put this book right here, right where it is, right in front of your eyes. You manifested it, out of the clear blue sky. That alone is all the evidence you need that this book works.

Do you understand? No, no, don’t jump over this. It’s important that you really hear this. I’m telling you that you are holding in your hands the best proof you could ever give yourself that the Law of Attraction is real, is effective, and produces physical outcomes in the real world.

Let me explain. Somewhere in the deep reaches of your consciousness, somewhere in an important place in your mind, you set an intention, or this book and its message would never have found its way to you.

This is no small thing here. This is a big deal. Believe me, it’s a big deal. Because you are about to create exactly what you set your intention to create: a major change in your life.

That was your intention, wasn’t it? Of course it was. What is occurring as you read these words wouldn’t be occurring if you hadn’t placed your attention on a deep desire to lift your day-to-day experience to a new level. You’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Your only question has been: How? What are the rules? What are the tools?

Well, here they are. You asked for them, you got ‘em. And that’s the very first rule, by the way. What you ask for, you get. But there’s more to it than that—lots more. And that’s what this extraordinary book is about. You’re going to be given here not only some pretty amazing tools, but instructions on how to use them.

Have you ever wished that life came with an Instruction Book?

Hey, good wishing. Now it does.

We have Esther and Jerry Hicks to thank for that. And, of course, Abraham. (They will tell you all about who that is in the fascinating, exhilarating text to follow.) Esther and Jerry are devoting their lives to the joy of sharing the wondrous messages that Abraham has given them. I admire and love them so much for this, and I am so, so grateful, for they are truly extraordinary people on a glorious mission to bring glory to the mission upon which we have all embarked: the living and the experiencing of the glory of Life itself, and of Who We Really Are.

I know that you will be so impressed, and so blessed, by what you find here. I know that reading this book will produce a turning point in your life. Here is not only a description of the most important law of the universe (the only one you’ll ever need to know about, really), but an easy-to-understand explanation of the mechanics of life. This is breathtaking information. This is monumental data. This is brilliant, flashing insight.

There are very few books about which I would say what I am going to say next. Read every word here, and do everything this book says. It answers all the questions you have so earnestly asked in your heart. So—may I be this direct?—pay attention.

This book is about how to pay attention, and if you pay attention to how to pay attention, your every intention can be made manifest in your reality—and that will change your life forever.

— Neale Donald Walsch, author, Conversations with God