Help on How to Use Our Friendly Search Engine

If you have a question, we have a way to help you find the answer!  Here are a few tips to enhance your search engine experience:

  • To search for an exact phrase, wrap it in double quotes. For example
    "Little Miss Sticky Fingers"
  • You can determine what area of the web site is searched by checking or un-checking the boxes in the Advanced Search Options.  For example, if you are searching for a specific recording, check the Store box and un-check the others.
  • Searching by date can only be done for Store products. Click on "Advanced Search Options above. Enter starting and ending date in the boxes or select from the drop down menu. Keyword is optional when searching by date.
  • Date range applies only to store products.
  • Best to avoid the use of punctuation marks (like commas, quotes, and apostrophes).  Our search engine ignores many of them.
  • We suggest you enter large, unique keywords in your search.
  • Small words such as 'the', 'or', 'you', and 'joy' will be ignored.
  • Please remember that items will be searched exactly as they are typed, computers are VERY literal.

The most important tip:  Have fun with all of this! Put your topic of interest into the search field, and let law of attraction do the rest.

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