Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I don't get any results when I use the search function:

    We suggest that you enter large, unique keywords.

    • Words that are commonly used by Abraham such as "inner" may not return results.
    • Small words such as "the" or "you" will be ignored.
    • Please remember that items will be searched exactly as they are typed, computers are VERY literal.
    • Searching by date or other numeric values is not recommended.
  2. I tried to place an order, but I was told my shipping address was incorrect.

    Be sure to fill in all fields correctly. For international orders (not in the US) be sure to select "Outside US" for the State/Province field and fill in the "Other State/Province" field.  You must fill in the Billing Address as well. PO Box addresses are not allowed for international or other UPS shipping options. If all else fails, call the office at 830-755-2299 and place your order by phone.

  3. I added items to my shopping basket, but when I tried to check out, the basket was empty.

    Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies. Click here for a tutorial.

    If you set your browser to accept cookies and are still having the issue, it's possible that your security / anti-virus software is preventing the cookie from being set. Please consult your security / anti-virus software's user guide for how to allow cookies.

  4. How do I sign up for workshops?

    Call the office at (830) 755-2299 or sign up online from the workshops page.

  5. When I insert my CD into my computer, why are the track titles incorrect?

    When you have an active Internet connection and you insert a CD into your computer, the player (e.g., iTunes) will automatically try to access Gracenote® Media Recognition Service. We are currently in contact with Gracenote® for their remedy. Be assured that the incorrect date, city, and track titles do not affect the actual CD playback in any way. You will be hearing the correct CD with the tracks that are labeled on it even if the information displayed on the computer or listening device is incorrect. 

  6. Why don't I get my Daily Quotes?  Or, how do I set my spam filter so that I can receive e-mails and Daily Quotes from Abraham-Hicks?

    If you're having an issue receiving the daily quotes, in most cases it can be resolved by the following steps

    1. Check your junk / spam e-mail folder to see if your Daily Quote has landed in there.
    2. Add to your email Safe Senders list or Contacts / Address Book
    3. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and make sure that they are not blocking e-mails from
  7. When I click the "more" link on a journal excerpt it doesn't work. Or, how do I enable cookies on my browser so that I can sign into the journal section of the website?

    To access the full contents of the Journal section you must sign in with your email address and you must have cookies enabled on your browser. Instructions on how to enable cookies for most browsers are provided here.

  8. What is "MyAccount" used for?

    The MyAccount is used to sign up for .mp3 subscription programs, video and .mp3 purchases, or to register online for a workshop. The MyAccount system is not used for other purchases, Daily Quote subscriptions or e-News subscriptions.

  9. I don't see an answer to my question on this page, is there a way that I can contact customer service through the website?

    You can submit a request to the customer service department.

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