Vortex of Attraction Workshop Guidelines

We intend to maintain the Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Attraction Workshop environment as a pure reflection of our purpose.

We conduct these gatherings in order to allow an optimal, intellectual, Energetic, pleasurable interaction between Abraham and those who choose to participate in this leading edge “Art of Allowing” thought experience.

Whenever groups gather, there can be the potential of many mixed agendas creating uncomfortable distraction from purpose. Therefore, through years of experience, we have come to the following conclusions, and we offer them here to you in an effort to set a pure Tone for our workshop that will harmonize the intentions that are of benefit to most of us.

  • During the hours that we are sharing this Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Attraction Workshop, plan to allow this unique opportunity to dialog with Abraham to remain a pure, uncluttered, uplifting experience.
  • Although these workshops can be convenient for the networking of compatible concepts, they are not the place to display other brochures, products, practices or talents; therefore, if you have intentions that you would like to later mutually explore, simply, whenever it feels appropriate, exchange addresses for a future rendezvous.
  • Whenever possible, we intend to keep the meeting rooms on the cool side; therefore, bring a sweater or a jacket to assure your personal comfort.
  • After each sixty minutes of dialog, we usually take twenty minutes of refreshment time, time for stretching your body…or what ever refreshing thing you can do in 20 minutes.
  • Children, recording devices, cameras, cell-phones, passed name-lists, late entrances…can distract from the purity of the event, therefore, please leave out of the meeting room.
  • Must be 18 years of age to attend a workshop.
  • Although the sizes of our groups vary from city to city, each room has a predetermined capacity; therefore, in order to assist us in maintaining that legal capacity, please register prior to the event. We do offer pay-at-door registrations (if the event is not sold out) however, we are unable to guarantee the availability of seats.
  • Aisles cluttered by chairs or personal items can hinder the feeling of freedom of movement; therefore, please leave chairs in place and stow personal items under your chair or at the back of the room.
  • Often, one of the serendipities of these gatherings is the meeting of new fun-loving people and developing new intellectual friendships. And that invigoration of sharing often stimulates a desire to continue the relationships. Many are using the study-group concept as a vehicle to continue the invigorating exchange of thought. And so, if you are wanting to form an Abraham-Hicks Study Group in your area, our workshops can be a time and place to meet and exchange addresses. And since distributing name lists through the group is not permitted, we would encourage a one-on-one interchange between those who feel a mutual desire to continue the interaction.
  • Although Esther does enjoy visiting with workshop guests, she appreciates your understanding that it is important that they be allowed to refresh. Also the time required to sign the books for the hundreds of people in attendance, makes it impractical for her to continue doing book signings.
  • Each workshop agenda is created through your focused thoughts, comments and questions. Since this is an open forum for investigation into the “Science of Deliberate Creation” and beyond — there are no questions that are off limits. And so, as you clarify, or even write down, what you are wanting from this gathering, you will summon forth that valuable practical knowledge which will be of the most benefit to you and to all of us.
  • Cancellation Policies can be read here.

Welcome to our Vortex of Attraction workshop. It is with much pleasure that we look forward to co-creating this experience with you.

From our hearts,

Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)