Dear Friends,

We just came back from our springtime Caribbean Cruise and I cannot get the vision of that glorious turquoise water out of my mind. I just couldn’t get enough of seeing it. The ocean is always beautiful to me, but those waters are extra, extra wonderful!

We are doing it again next year, March 6 through March 15, 2020! This is a really special itinerary leaving from Fort Lauderdale and stopping in beautiful new ports in the Southern Caribbean in the Dutch Antilles Islands, including Grand Cayman.

I think a cruise ship is the VERY best way to travel. I like to say, “We unpack only once— and then we wake up again and again in another beautiful part of the world.”

I love how we get to play with one another, have wonderful workshop time with Abraham in the beautiful ship theaters (while we are at sea so we never miss any port time or opportunities for whatever fun excursions we want to experience), eat our meals with our friends in the wonderful ship restaurants and dining rooms, meet new friends, and most of all, completely refresh and return to our natural state of living happily ever after! I like these cruises, so much!

Take a look at the itinerary and the many choices for your cabin, and if you are inspired, come and play and expand with us by clicking here!

(and Abraham and Jerry)

PS – There is still space for the Alaska Cruise in July. For more information on that cruise, click here!