Dear Friends,

We have been planning this trip for a while now and I know that the Universe is already conspiring to bring all the wonderful components together for a spectacular voyage and seminar.

The days we spend on-board these ships together are life-changing. I just don’t know of any better way to refresh and to focus upon our personal well-being. We get to spend time with one another; we get to co-create with Abraham and explore the most expansive and life-changing subjects; and, we get to renew our relationship with our own Source Energy and completely refresh our bodies, our minds and our spirits!

This Mediterranean Cruise has beautiful ports (three new ones in Spain for us this time) and such a variety of fun options when we get off the ship! What a way to see the world: Unpack just once into your beautiful stateroom, and then wake-up day after day in another spectacular part of the world. 

We are so fortunate to experience these beautiful life experiences. Click here to check it out!

With much love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)