Dear Friends,

I believe that a big part of the reason that our seminar events run so smoothly is because we plan months (and in some cases, years) in advance, which gives the Universe the opportunity to get things lined up for us just right. It is also really satisfying for me to think ahead about these beautiful parts of the world in anticipation of the wonderful time that we will all have together. I so love our beautiful planet!

Jerry and I held our first Alaskan cruise with Abraham in 2004 and we have offered about three cruises every year since then. That’s a lot of cruises. That’s also a lot of wonderful friendships, and so much fun, and so many extraordinary insights with Abraham!

Every year we plan three cruises, and every year one of them is the Alaskan Cruise because it is my favorite cruise of all! There is not a more beautiful place on the planet, with more beautiful wildlife that wants to show itself to us. The sea is smooth and the landscape is incredible and the Alaskan towns are like going back in time.

If you decide to come along with us, I know, for sure, you will like it. Click here to check it out!

With much love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)