Dear Friends,

I am so looking forward to our event in Phoenix this coming Saturday. While our meeting room is wonderful, and very large, that event is now completely full. Phoenix is such a special place for me. It’s where Jerry and I first received Abraham back in 1985. Wow! I always feel that Abraham likes being in Phoenix extra much (probably only my silly perception because they always love being with us). It is like so many things—the way we feel about them, is really what makes those differences. Yes? So I love wrapping up 2018 in Phoenix. Very special.

We are asking hotels for their largest ballrooms, but we are selling out in most locations, so if you like, you may want to reserve as early as possible for the upcoming California events. (San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco and San Rafael). If you would like to join us for a California workshop, click here and scroll down to the event or call the office at 830-755-2299.

I feel so much appreciation for Jerry; for Abraham; and for you.

With love,