Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

Moving in to a new year has always felt significant for me. I like the idea of a new year and a fresh start and New Years Resolutions. But now that I understand what Abraham has been teaching us about the power of thought and the importance of the direction of our thoughts, this New Year is especially exciting to me, because I now understand the incredible leverage that our thoughts hold.

In the past, New Years Resolutions felt a bit more like wishful thinking. Wishful thinking with determination and lots of deliberate sounding phrases. But now, moving into this new year, I feel something more like invincibility, and I believe Abraham when they say that we can DO, BE, or HAVE anything that we desire.

I am so happy that we will be in San Diego this coming Saturday for the first seminar of 2018!

If you would like to join us, click here and scroll down to the event or call the office at 830-755-2299.

Our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)