Dear Friends,

I used to believe, that my ultimate goal in applying what I was learning from Abraham, was to once and for all perfect it so that all things in my life went exactly the way I wanted them to every time. And then, when somethings got wonky, I would feel disappointed with myself for not doing a better job of Deliberate Creation. Then, in time, I understood that every day is rich with opportunities for me to identify subjects in my life where simple and easy thought calibrations are required in order to get things flowing the way I want them to.

Now, thanks to very recent workshop discussions between Abraham and people in the hot seat I understand that—continual calibration is the work—continual calibration is incredibly effective—continual calibration is rather easy to figure out—continual calibration is incredibly powerful—and that continual calibration is a pleasure. Honestly, I am steadily blissed out as I apply this newfound clarity.

I am so in love with my life.

I feel such appreciation for you, as I watch Abraham calibrate to your highest desires and then I witness you then doing it, too.

I can hardly wait for my next wonky experience to sink my calibrating teeth into.

And now I understand, I am not failing. I am creating! I like it so much.

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Our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)