Dear Friends,

It always feels like a delicious holiday when we are Florida bound! We will be in Fort Lauderdale, FL this coming Saturday. Jerry and I decided a long time ago that the path of least resistance to allow the most number of people to have the opportunity of having the experience of Abraham was for us to find ways of getting out there to where you are. And so, while most of those in attendance this Saturday are mostly likely from Florida, some of us (like me and my talented road crew) get to travel to the beauty and warmth of Florida and will enjoy the delicious contrast of BEING IN FLORIDA! (Can you tell it is cold where I am right now?)

This event is nearly at capacity, so this message is two-fold. If you really want to be with us in Fort Lauderdale, make your reservation now. And if you plan to join us in an up-coming city, make your reservation as soon as possible because… (well, you get it).

If you would like to join us this Saturday, please click here and scroll down to the event or call the office at 830-755-2299.

We appreciate co-creating with you.

With our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)