Dear Friends,

I remember watching Jerry plan our Abraham event schedule with clear-eyed attention to the weather. Since we carry our audio/video equipment from city to city by van, the weather is important. I’ve followed Jerry’s pattern closely and so, we are really enjoying the great weather and wonderful seminars around the nation.

This coming Saturday we will be in Austin Texas (my trusty iPhone says 68 degrees) for another beautiful day—and what I am certain will be an alignment-producing, energy-expanding, taking-thought-beyond seminar!

Then we’ll be off to Florida—while springtime is heading steadily toward the southern states—and once it arrives we will too: Atlanta, our Caribbean Cruise, and then beautiful Asheville, NC. Do you see why I so love doing this work with Abraham?

If you would like to join us this Saturday in Austin, or any of our up-coming events, please click here and scroll down to the event or call the office at 830-755-2299.

With our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)