About Abraham-Hicks: The Vortex of Attraction Workshops & Cruises

Don't be fooled by the word "work." These are play-days all the way . . . and the fun's led by the vaudevillian Jerry & Esther Hicks duo.

Imagine yourself in a roomful of people who are just as cool as you are! Everyone gathered together and all psyched-up to spend the day with Abraham.

There's nothing like it.

No book, video, or CD compares to Abraham . . . up close and personal.

And then there's the Hot Seat!

You, one-on-one with Abraham. Your chance to ask whatever you want to ask! From little, "I wonder why's?" all the way up to life-long, "How come's?"

Now, the icing on the cake!

Put the words "Abraham" and "cruise" together in a sentence and what do you get . . . ?

Vortex of Attraction workshops. No work. All play. We pinkie swear.

Workshop Reservations
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