About Abraham-Hicks: The Law of Attraction for Newcomers

New to the Trip

Remember that feeling?

As a kid-peeling back the gift wrap?—catching a glimpse of something inside and realizing it's exactly what you were wishing for?

Well, get ready for the rush. Get ready for the ride.

And do you remember that feeling of being the giver of a perfect gift? Watching your someone special thrill in its discovery?

Jerry, Esther, the entire Abraham-Hicks organization, and whoever guided you to this site—they're all feeling that particular rush, too. It's that warm, satisfying feeling of watching someone open a present they've always wanted.

And this particular present contains keys. Keys to whatever your dreams are about. Keys to making peace with your past; understanding your present; and looking on with delight as everything waiting in your "vibrational escrow" starts showing up. A fun, crazy ride with YOU behind the wheel.

You don't need much of a map. Just a feeling or two will guide you, no matter where you're headed. Still, for maximum fun (what life is all about, actually!) we'd like to start you off with a full tank of gas—a FREE full tank of gas, courtesy of the Abraham-Hicks organization.

So click here to put about 50 gallons worth of High-Octane Abraham into your tank: namely, our free Introduction to the Teachings of Abraham

And this is no little promotional teaser. Jerry and Esther get letters from people who say they have never attended a single workshop; they have never bought a single product—and yet they say their lives have been completely transformed through the words of Abraham—the words and wisdom contained on this recording.

You'll hear all about The Law of Attraction, The Law of Deliberate Creation, The Art of Allowing, and so much more. Abraham are self-confessed "endless spewers of processes," yet all their roads and all their processes lead to one thing.

A joyful life.

There's lots more free stuff here too: monthly newsletters, daily quotations, FAQs and a vault full of Abraham wisdom in the form of a completely searchable answer database. And, if you happen to become, as one tongue-in-cheek gentleman referred to himself, an Abrahamaholic, there's also weekly and monthly CD subscriptions, workshops all over the United States, books, videos, well-being cards, exotic cruises. And we've got even more fun up our "future sleeves."

Friend, if you never purchase a thing from us, and if we never hear from you again, joy to you on your magical journey. Thanks for stopping by. (May we suggest spinning your tires a little on the way out?)

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