Shipping FAQ and Refund Policy


  1. Why am I getting errors when I enter my address? Addresses, in particular international addresses, must be entered correctly in order to successfully place your online order. Please check the following:
    • Be sure that both Shipping and Billing addresses are filled out completely
    • Always be sure to put your Zip Code in the correct field. If you do not have a zip code in your country (if you live in Hong Kong for instance) then please enter "00000" in the zip code field. If your zip code is shorter than 5 digits long (if you live in New Zealand for example) then please add '0's to the beginning of your zip code in order to make it into a 5 digit number.
    • If you live outside the United States, please select "Outside U.S." in "State/Province" and be sure to fill in your "Other State/Province", "Zip Code", and "Country". If you are not sure what your State/Province is then try entering the name of your city or country in the Other/State Province field.
    • For some countries, Canada in particular, you must enter the two letter code for your State or Province into the "Other State/Province" field.  For example, Ontario must be entered as "ON", British Columbia should be entered as "BC".  This is required for UPS shipping calculations to work correctly. Below is an example of how to enter a Canadian address:
    • Address: 1234 My Street (Sample Address)
      City: OurTown
      State/Province: Outside US
      Other State/Province: ON
      Zip Code: 12345
      Country: Canada
  2. Can I use a PO Box as my Shipping Address? UPS will not deliver to PO Boxes. Be sure to select a USPS shipping option if you are using a PO Box as your shipping destination.
  3. Why do some or all shipping options have no price displayed? Only shipping options which have a price displayed in parentheses are actually available to your shipping address. In some cases, shipping options may be displayed which are not actually available. Some shipping options only work for specific countries. If all of the shipping options in the drop down list have no price, then there is most likely some problem with the way you have entered your shipping address. Please read the answer to FAQ 2. above.
  4. Why do I get the error: "unable to authorize payment-missing required shipping information"? This is usually caused by a problem in the way that your shipping address has been entered. Try the answer to FAQ 2. above.
  5. How do I enter a military APO/FPO shipping address? Use the following format:
    Company: Used to enter extra addressing info
    Address: Camp Tagi, IRAQ (Sample Address)
    City: APO
    State/Province: Outside US
    Other State/Province: AE (example)
    Zip Code: 09378 (applicable Zip)
    Country: United States
  6. What if my expedited shipment is delayed because of bad weather? Shipment through UPS™, Mail Innovations™, and the United States Postal Service™ are subject to the respective companies terms and conditions. This includes weather related delays and other delays beyond the control of Abraham-Hicks Publications. Expedited shipments during Holiday periods are not guaranteed.
  7. Where can I find your shipping charges? You can see our shipping prices by clicking here.
    We are aware that due to technical or personal idiosyncrasies you may receive a damaged or defective or unwanted item from us — but we will replace it or refund your money (whichever you prefer) within 90 days of your purchase of items from our office. Unless we request it (for quality control) please don’t bother with shipping the item back to us. Just toss it away, or pass it on. We want you to be completely satisfied with our products and our service. Delivery & Processing (D/P) costs are no longer refundable.
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